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AAPL Analysis 12-5-2021

Today we covered AAPL’s massive topping tail we had this week on the back of new all-time highs, we also looked at December seasonality and it doesn’t look good. We then checked out TSLA and where it could find support.

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AAPL Analysis 11-28-2021

Happy Holidays! Today we covered AAPL’s big topping tail and sell-off on Friday. We also did a thought experiment looking at past sell-offs and what to look for going forward. Finally, we reviewed stocks that rally during COVID.

AAPL Analysis 11-21-2021

Today we covered AAPL’s break out to new all-time highs and my unique 500 shares + Butterfly AAPL position. We also went into details for my MRNA and SQ trades. Have a wonderful holiday week, don’t forget to grab the free course below.

AAPL Analysis 11-14-2021

Today we covered AAPL holding in a small channel above the $147.50 and the surprisingly bullish move we got on Friday. We also covered analysis on TSLA, PYPL, and SQ.

AAPL Analysis 11-7-2021

Today we covered AAPL’s sideways momo as it sits just above the $150 level, we also covered bullish seasonality for SPY and QQQ and how the internet is voting for Elon to sell TSLA stock.

AAPL Analysis 10-31-2021

Today we covered AAPL’s super important $150 level and why I think this is a make-or-break price for the stock. We then covered a great testimonial covering how helped a client become the first self-made millionaire in their family (case study coming). We then covered Zillow stock and its rounded bottom opportunity.

AAPL Analysis 10-24-2021

Earnings are Coming! Today we talked about my hedging strategy for AAPL over earnings. We also reviewed my TSLA trade, gave some shout-outs to our SQ strategy creators, and looked at Zillow for a long-term rounded bottom!

AAPL Analysis 10-17-2021

Today we talked about AAPL’s MACD finally going Bullish and what this means for the stock. We also looked at TSLA breaking out and how Zillow might be forming a long-term rounded bottom.

AAPL Analysis 10-10-2021

Today we talked about AAPL’s potential for a slow bottom here in its channel. We also zoomed out and analyzed the stock using weekly candles. Keep your eye on the $145 level as that could be the big level to breakthrough this week.

AAPL Analysis 10-3-2021

Today we talked about AAPL’s potential bottoming tail hammer and reversal as we kick start October trading. We also review AAPL, SPY, and QQQ seasonality for October.

AAPL Analysis 9-26-2021

Today we talked AAPL’s small bounce and bearish weekly MACD. We also reviewed my TSLA covered call position and how I’ve been managing the cash flow form this trade.

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