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AAPLTrader is the go-to resource for all Apple stock and options traders looking for trading education, strategies, and technical analysis.
Every week, I recap AAPL’s moves – breaking down ... read more indicators and signals – to provide insight on where I think the stock is headed next.
I also cover which stock and options trading strategies work best for AAPL in the current market environment.
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Analysis Archive

AAPL Analysis 2-20-2022

Today we covered AAPL’s recent pullback and why $155 is the next target if we can’t hold $166. We also covered AAPL’s daily and weekly MACD crossing to the bears. Lastly, we reviewed some stocks that have been washed out over the last few months as we enter our late-cycle economy.

AAPL Analysis 2-13-2022

Today we covered a surprise level of support for the stock and where AAPL will go if this level breaks. We also reviewed a stock that continues to break out to the bulls even while the market crashes.

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AAPL Analysis 2-6-2022

Today we covered how to trade AAPL now that the MACD is Bullish. We also covered TSLA and a brand new stock that I think everyone here will love to swing trade… BX – Blackstone which has amazing cycles.

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AAPL Analysis 1-30-2022

Today we covered AAPL’s amazing earnings call and I shared my thoughts for trading the stock this coming week. We also looked at February seasonality and took a quick peek at the SPY and QQQ.

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