About AAPLTrader

By Traders for Traders

Micah Lamar Wallstreet.io Founder and CEO

AAPLTrader was founded in 2011 by Micah Lamar. Originally, AAPLTrader was a community where traders could share ideas, strategies, and education with one another and fellow traders – a place where Micah first shared his renowned AAPL strategy. Within the year, AAPLTrader was named “the best website for Apple traders” by MarketWatch’s The Cody Word.

In 2015, the platform expanded into the market as a whole as WallStreet.io and is now a thriving community of stock and options traders who create, publish, and share trading strategies with each other using a world-class suite of tools and resources – including the fastest stock and options backtester and a library of live and on-demand education .
AAPLTrader is still the best place to find all resources about the Apple stock, technical analysis, and strategies.